I think we’re heading for the home stretch with 15 days left that will get us to November 3rd, election day. It’s anybody’s guess as to how it ends up. My guess is that when we go to bet either late Tuesday night or sometime Wednesday morning, we won’t know the answer.

So, the news of last week was that it was a choppy week for equities. All the indexes finished higher on Friday closing slightly ahead for the week. There is still a lot of uncertainty concerning another stimulus bill being passed and the confirmation of Judge Barrett’s nomination to the supreme court is heading to a conclusion sometime in the next 2 weeks as well.

The attached article, “Stocks edge higher…” is a summary of what happened and what to look to in the coming week. Basically, the economy is doing quite well considering all that is happening. I would think a Trump administration and at least a Republican senate majority will continue most of the administration’s policies that has led to the lowest unemployment since the 50s with minorities leading the way. Wage gains and lower taxes were the results of all the changes. I hope you read the article.

I’ve also attached an article about a “Beneficiary Audit”. My good friend, Charlie Stoll” wrote a book about the dangers of not keeping that up to date. Accounts like IRAs, Roth IRA, life insurance and annuities are all passed by beneficiary designation not by the last will and testimony of the individual. It’s important to have that checkup, making sure your last wishes are actually carried out.

It appears we should look forward to another exciting week with lots on the agenda including the last presidential debate. I give it a 50-50 chance of happening. In the meantime, I hope you have a great week. Jean & I are certainly going to give it our best efforts. As always, should you have any questions or wish to speak with me, please email or call. Now let’s all go out and have a super week.

Doug Alden

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