Big Surprise for the US Economy!

Sometimes I wonder why we listen to pundits or talking heads at all.  They seldom get it right.  Expectations for the 1st quarter of 2019 concerning the US Gross Domestic Product growth was [...]

Exercise Makes You Happier Than…

Here we are on the 15th of April and, except for those who filed for an extension, tax season has come and gone.  It also means that more than 25% of 2019 is history.  So, let me ask, “How are [...]

Food for…SPRING!

April started well for investors as all the indexes posted positive returns.  Jobs report was very positive, and it does seem that the United States and China might finally reach an agreement on [...]

Special Tax Breaks for Seniors!!

It certainly is starting to feel like spring.  And, that means we are getting closer to the deadline for our income taxes.  Most of us are finding out how hard it has become to itemize our [...]