Memorial Day 2019

As I write this week’s email, Jean & I will be spending several days in Memphis celebrating a graduation from high school.  Our grandson Lucas will be heading to the next phase of his young [...]

The cruelest tax of them all!

19 years and the dollar you have in your pocket today can only buy 2/3rds of the goods and services it could have bought in 2000.  Regardless of what the official inflation rates the government [...]

Trade Wars & the US Economy

All the news this week was about the ongoing trade negotiations between China and the US.  In my opinion, equity markets had priced in a successful conclusion.  So, when the negotiating stalled, [...]

Leaving A Legacy

It’s getting difficult to find new superlatives about how well the overall US economy is doing so I thought I would bring up something that is extremely important but not-often talked about.  [...]