Since this is the last week of the 3rd quarter of 2018, (can you believe it?) I thought I would take a break and do something just a little different.  Not sure how the last week of September is going to go, but the economic news is something we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan was president.

So, I thought an article about helping the aging process might be appealing to those of us that are on the back nine of our life cycle.  Some of the foods suggested I totally agree with but not too sure about the snails.  Escargot is a delicacy at good restaurants and are OK, I guess, but the one a lot of us will hit on is the recommendation for wine & chocolate.

I’m going to pause a couple of weeks on the emails as Jean & I take a much-needed break.  However, I will still be available remotely, just if a very different time zone.  Now, let’s all go out and order some snails.

Have a super week!

Doug Alden

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