Heading toward the Holidays!

Something very unusual is happening in the Alden household this Thanksgiving. As our children have grown older and dispersed to different parts of the US, it has become harder and harder to get them all together at the same time. Somehow, this year we will all gather in Memphis to celebrate our national day of thanks. And for this, I am extremely thankful.

As we go through our day-to-day activities, we somehow forget how good we really have it. I spent some time in a third world country and, believe me, we have it pretty good here in the good old US of A. So, rather than make this week’s digest about the stock markets and how we help investors protect, build and enjoy their wealth, I’ve attached an article about desserts that might help you in your Thanksgiving Day preparation.

I also looked up some history about this special day and discovered that, originally, the Puritans started the tradition in the Old World, but it was a day of fasting and praying. When they survived their first winter in the New World, they were able to harvest a bounty and, with the help of a few Indians, made it a feast day. That practice continues to this day.

Our tradition is to go around our table and have each participant reflect on what he or she is thankful for. In all the years Jean & I have been doing this, we have never heard anyone say they were thankful for their investment account balance. Take time and enjoy the moment!

Have a super holiday week and try and make your corner of the world just a little bit better.

Doug Alden

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