As has been the case for the last 2 years, Jean & I are headed to Memphis for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Our gathering will be smaller this year due to the circumstances we find ourselves living through. As is normal this time of the year, we will be with most of our family as I hope most of you will be too. Between the Thanksgiving holiday and New Year’s Eve, Jean & I will also take time to count our blessings and remember all of the times we’ve been through over our 36+ years of marriage, with a focus on this year. And then, we game plan the coming year and pray for the best. I’ve said this a couple of times so I am repeating myself, I will be glad when the calendar turns to 2021. This has been a tough year for all of us.

There is still unsettled business as far as the presidential election is concerned and the 2 senate races in Georgia will determine which party is in the majority for the next 2 years. That election takes place on January 5th. News of a possible vaccine is positive and the unemployment numbers a negative. So, I thought the attached article about what moved the market is a very good summary of what happened last week. Hope you take the time to read it.

Every now and then, I like to add something a little different and the article about wines that might go well with a Thanksgiving dinner is no exception. Some of the suggestions are good choices and some go against my palette but that’s why we still have choices in this country. So, if you do enjoy a glass of wine with your Thanksgiving meal, I hope the article helps.

Jean & I hope and pray that we all have an enjoyable weekend following all the guidelines recommended. More importantly, I hope we all take the time to realize the joys and golden nuggets by being around those we love and hold dear. They come fast and then fade into history. I guess the quote, “Stop and smell the roses” sums it up. I’ll add a new one, “Stop and smell the turkey”. Hope you all have a super weekend and stay safe.

Should you have any questions or wish to speak with me, please call or email so we can put something on the calendar.

Doug Alden

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