This has been an incredible week for Jean & me.  We had a chance to travel to San Diego for a couple of days of rest and then up the coast of California to visit my sister and her husband.  One day we were able to tour the Midway, a WWII aircraft carrier.  I can only tell you that those sailors lived and worked in conditions that were beyond description.  Thank God for the men & women who helped win that war.

On more than one occasion I have mentioned how technology is changing the world.  My sister and her husband have been involved in translating the Bible into the different languages of the world through an organization called Global Recordings,  One of their new tools is called a micro SD card that can be inserted into a digital devise and has bible messages in local languages on it.  The article about how the internet is helping the world’s poorest carries this farther.  And, with the advent of solar power, the people of the poorest parts of the world are being reached and helped.  That can only lead to economic growth, improved health and a better future for over 2 billion people.

With the tax reform bill passed and in effect, the article about what the experts wish you know about this law is a very information article that might help as we are now in the middle of tax season.

For those of us that are not as organized as we would like, (present company included) here 10 things productive people do before noon.  They’re pretty good tips.

The equity markets have somewhat recovered from their lows of the previous week and the news of the economy is good.  One little blip on the horizon would be interest rates but, regardless of what happens, the portfolio strategy that is used, while not guaranteed, protects against fast, sudden and steep drops.  Now, all we need to do is go out and make it a good week.

Doug Alden

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