Unemployment hits 22 million and the US equity markets post back to back positive weeks. President Trump, along with his medical and economic teams in agreement, outlined a course of action to revive our economy. And new data suggests that, while fiercely infectious and sometimes much crueler, the Coronavirus mortality rate could be much closer to that of seasonal flu.

I am cautiously optimistic going forward. There can be no doubt that the American public is crying out for the need to go back to work. How that’s going to look remains to be seen. But, as the federal government working in concert with the creativity of free markets, medications for treatment in the short term and a potential vaccine on the horizon could very well be on the way.

Last week also brought the possibility of some of us receiving a stimulus check, which will bring out the possibility of fraud and scammers. The attached article from a paper in Minnesota outlines what to watch for.

Of the many good things that did happen last week, my podcast about bring financial growth to Northwest Haiti was published. It’s a real-life story about a ministry that Jean & I have supported for a very long time. I hope you take the time to listen. From a very humble beginning to present day, Living Water Haiti is bringing hope to some of the poorest people in the western hemisphere.

As always, should you have any questions or just wish to talk, just email or call so we can schedule something.

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