Another Week of More Questions

Last week, with all that is currently going on, equity markets were fairly flat. The DOW & the S&P 500 were off marginally while the NASDAQ was positive by a little over 2%. The economy [...]

Is more “help” on the way?

The equity markets took a breather last week with all 3 equity indexes closing lower while the overall economy is showing surprising strength. Meanwhile with congress is in recess (that means [...]

What a week!

How do you comment on a week like last week and what it might mean for all of us going forward? I normally write the copy for the email on Saturdays and last Saturday, I was writing while a [...]

Slowly Moving Forward

Last week Jean & I traveled to Memphis to celebrate one of our granddaughter’s graduation from high school, the class of 2020. Tennessee is a little farther ahead with it’s phased in [...]

There are signs

When you start from zero, the only way to go is up. After the economic consequences of shutting down the economy are becoming a reality, daily and weekly data suggest a recovery might be brewing. [...]

A Cautious Reopening

“Nothing can basically stop America”. “The American miracle, the American magic, has always prevailed and it will do so again”. Those are 2 quotes from Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway’s [...]

Baby Steps

For the past 2½ months it seems like Captain Kirk and the starship Enterprise have taken over the world and put it at warp 9. Virus spread from Wuhan to US in 6 weeks S&P 500 dropped 34% in [...]

What the world might look like…

When we get through this… For the last 2 months our lives have been turned inside out and upside down. And now, for those of us living in North Carolina, we face a few more MONTHS of at least [...]