Some Helpful Information

With the news of the past week and what we are going through now with the coronavirus and the economic shutdown of our country, there are some pockets of optimism. Several different medicines and [...]

Looking ahead

Every day that we wake up is an unprecedented time.  Some days nothing earth shattering occurs, other days the bottom falls out and our lives change.  We’re living through the second of those two [...]

Milestone of a Panic

Last week was quite a week, in the equity markets. It did end on an upbeat, especially during President Trumps new conference. As a point of reference, on February 19th of this year, the S&P [...]

In like a lion, out like a …?

When I was growing up in Michigan, one of the great things about the month of March was it signaled that we were heading to the end of winter. My mother had a saying about March. “In like a lion, [...]

WOW! What a week!

Bob Ferrell, a longtime Merrill Lynch advisor, now retired and 88 years old, wrote 10 rules for all investing. Rule # 10 “Bull Markets are always more fun to watch than bear markets” After [...]

Making Good Decisions

Last week, we were able to publish and post my latest podcast, “Are you making good decisions to protect, build, and enjoy your wealth?” This podcast competed with the second primary in our [...]

Now What?

A couple of nights after the Presidential election of 2016, Jean & I were at a special wine tasting dinner in Asheville. We were setting at a table with 2 other couples, both from a local law [...]