The Quiet before the Storm

I normally built this weekly email on the Saturday before it goes out on the following Monday. I try not to get started until all the news of the week has happened. So, Friday night Jean & I [...]

It’s on to the Election

Last week was really a full week for news. The conventions to nominate candidates for President and Vice President have come and gone. There was another police incident in Kenosha, WI that [...]

And so, the campaign begins…

As if it ever ends. Mercifully, the democrat national nominating convention ended Thursday night with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris accepting their party’s nomination to be candidates for President [...]

A question I get all the time

Congress has decided that, since they have worked so hard since their last recess over the July 4 holiday, they’ve gone home until sometime in September. I guess it’s good work if you can get it. [...]

Are we all getting tired?

With Jean out of town for the weekend, I had dinner with a couple of long-time friends Friday night. We hadn’t seen each other in quite some time so it was good to catch up, laugh, and just plain [...]

Do we need another stimulus?

Congress is headed back to Washington and there is a great expectation that another stimulus package is on the way. So the question becomes “How large will the bill be and how much more debt will [...]

Another Week

Another week goes by in our quest to find out what our new normal might eventually look like. (If that’s even possible.) As far as the equity markets are concerned, it was a pretty choppy week. [...]