Through rain, sleet or snow, the show must go on. I think the post office was the first to use it but I’m taking it as of today. Jean and I were on a ski trip to Colorado and WNC actually had more snow that we did in Steamboat Springs. The skiing was really bad, but we had a son, grandson and wife and great grandson with us, so, overall, the week was pretty. We came back to a snow-covered car, snowy conditions and a questionable drive. And that wasn’t the worst of it. When we arrived home early Sunday morning we were greeted with a house without power. So, I got the generator running and here we are.

The article about a 401(k) or IRA being enough was a pretty good article because it talked about more than just putting in as much as you can into these vehicles. There are so many more issues that can affect your retirement. One of the ways I deal with this complex issue is to use the PS&G model and use every effort I can to make all your assets more effective and efficient. More on that later.

There was a good jobs report on Friday even as I read about the labor shortage in skilled jobs, especially manufacturing. Should the unemployment rate dip into the 3 somethings, the federal reserve board may be looking to increase interest rates faster than they are on now. Somehow, the equity markets continue to be strong with the indexes setting new highs as we move toward the end of the year. However, no matter what happens, please remember the trading strategy we are using for our equity clients is designed to over-preform rising markets by about 7%+/- while under-performing declining markets. And, while it’s not guaranteed, should the markets crash fast and suddenly, this strategy is designed to recover most, if not all, the losses.

On Thursday of last week, Jean & I took our family to an old fashion diner called the “Johnny Be Good” diner for 2 reasons. One, we thought our great-grandson would enjoy a 50s-60s type restaurant and, two, they serve cinnamon ice cream. So, when the article about eggnog ice cream crossed my screen it was a no-brainer. Please let me know if you try this because I think we may. (Adult version optional, of course.)

Whenever I was feeling sorry for myself as a child, my dad used to have this saying ready for me. “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet”. I’ll get over the power outage. Now, go out and have a super week.

Doug Alden

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