Here we are on the 15th of April and, except for those who filed for an extension, tax season has come and gone.  It also means that more than 25% of 2019 is history.  So, let me ask, “How are you (& I) coming along with the New Year’s resolution thing?”  Normally, I don’t make a lot of resolutions for a new year but, one I constantly make deals with my weight.  Jean & I finally hit a point to do something about it.

As I reviewed my source for many of the articles I use, the one attached got my attention.  As I read the article, all of it makes sense.  It’s just so hard to get started.  I’ve heard it said that “the hardest part of any exercise program is getting out of bed.  One benefit we all can profit from is that, according to the author, exercise has a positive effect on your mental health.  If you can just get going, that’s 90% of the battle.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress  and how I feel.

The equity markets had another positive week as all the indexes were up and are inching toward the all-time highs experienced before the selloff of 4QTR 2018.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I have no idea how long this lasts or where it goes from here, but we continue to follow the same investment strategy.    If you’d like to talk with me or get together, please give me a call or email and we can get something on the schedule.  In the meantime, nature is really putting on a show.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Have a super week!

Doug Alden

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