Getting old can be no fun, especially in areas of life besides our health. When we all finally realize we’ve seen more sunsets than we’re going to see sunrises, it’s time to start thinking about our estates, particularly who to leave what to and, are the distributions going to be equal to all our heirs, most likely our children? This can be a very thorny issue and cause dissention among the beneficiaries. This is especially true for second marriages, children of each spouse and the financial success of the individuals involved.

I found the attached article and thought it would be good, if for no other reason than to get us all thinking and moving forward with some tough decisions that need to be made, Jean & me included. We each have children from a previous marriage and must decide how this is going to work. To that end, we have started to review our estate plan with tough decisions ahead. The article recommends and something we intend to do, is have a talk with everyone involved to let them know our thinking.

October was a very rough month for equities with all the major indices down several percentage points. It’s never fun to watch the value of your investment accounts go down. But, as I write this week’s digest, stocks have regained much of the values. Not sure what’s going to happen, especially next Tuesday and beyond but, it is comforting to know how our portfolios are structured. These portfolios continue to protect against a sudden and dramatic market decline helping to recover most if not all the potential portfolio losses. (As I have said many times, it’s not guaranteed.) Also, as I have said many times, in a raising market these portfolios with outperform the markets and in a declining market (not a crash or dramatic drop) the portfolios will underperform, primarily due to the expenses related to keeping the protection against the big and fast drop.

If you would like to talk about your estate plan or other issues that may have come up since we last met, please call or email me so we can get something on the calendar to move forward. And, if you haven’t already voted, please get out and make your voice heard. I’ve said for a long time that, if we don’t vote, we lose the right to complain.

Have a super week!

Doug Alden

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