Several years ago, I was working with a client that had been retired about 10 years.  While we were doing the review, I asked him how his retirement was going.  He had retired at 62 and was an avid tennis player.  His answer surprised me.  He said, “Retirement’s great.  Just don’t turn 70.”  Unfortunately, we don’t have that choice.  We either turn 70 or our family has had an unexpected reunion.

Two articles popped out to me this week that I thought highlights the two ends of retirement.  The first one talks about how seniors are redefining retirement and the second one has a frank discussion about the staggering costs of long term care.  Sandwiched between these two is an article about some food that may help us breath better.  My dad lived to his mid-90s.  He had just stopped playing golf and, my dad being who he was, walked the course pulling his clubs behind him.  So, his retirement was pretty good and he was only ill for a couple of months which our family could handle without using a nursing home.  Others are not so fortunate.  Proper planning and health are two very necessary ingredients, that is for sure.

All the news of the week was the NFL vs President Trump.  In the meantime, September in particular and 2017 overall has been good for investors.  The S&P 500 total return increased a touch over 2% last month and is up over 14% YTD  Our statements reflect the unique trading strategy used by adding to those returns by about 1.5 to 2 percentage points.  However, always please remember the trading strategy we are using is designed to outperform rising markets while under-performing slowly declining markets.  And, though it’s not guaranteed, should the markets crash fast and suddenly, this strategy is designed to recover most, if not all, the losses.

Now, go out and have a great week.

~ Doug Alden

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