The bad news is we’re living longer.  My father went to work with General Motors in Pontiac, Michigan and 34 years later he retired.  Mom and Dad lived on savings, GM retirement checks and, @ age 62 Social Security.  Dad never had to worry about market returns and medical insurance.  35 years later, Dad died.  He actually lived longer in retirement than he did working.  The article, “Retirement Risks Keep Rising” offers some clarity about the risk but doesn’t give any concrete answers.  Some of us have occupations that allow us to work past what is traditionally known as the “normal retirement age, 65”.  Others of us are forced, either through health or other unknown reasons, or just can’t wait to retire.

So, one of the large questions becomes, “How do you know when it’s time to retire?”  Only by being able to look at your entire personal financial picture could you even begin to answer that question.  Our process, “The Liberated Investor Advantage™” does just that.  By being able to see what others see but find what others can’t, we are able to help clients look beyond the numbers and see what their financial picture might look like under the various changes in life that might happen to them.  What about living too long?  Let’s see what that may look like.  How about a serious illness or a financial crash?  That too can be simulated as well as a sudden death or unexpected expense like a parent moving in.  Check out our web page,, for more information.

The article about following investment experts advise also points to another major problem.  When equity markets came crashing down in 2008 and everyone thought the financial world was going to collapse, it didn’t matter what financial advice you were following or whose financial advisor boat you were riding in, when that tide went out every boat in the harbor went with it.  “The Bflex Curve Advantage™”, while it’s not guaranteed, helps protect against such a major catastrophe.  More on this is also on our web page so check it out too.

Tomorrow night is the State of the Union address.  Not sure what the fallout on that may be but, if the sun appears to come up in the east Wednesday morning, we can all move on and make each day count.

Doug Alden

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