It’s been 243 years since a shot was fired that was heard around the world.  And, we’re still standing.  We still live in the longest running democratically elected country on the planet.  We can still get up every morning and make decisions of what’s best for us and the ones we love.  Those still in the labor force have seen a remarkable change from the previous administration in that we now have choices and an increasing wage base.  Those that are in the retirement stage of life, for the most part, can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor without worrying about the government confiscating our wealth.

So, this week, I just want to say Happy Birthday America!  I’ve attached an article that reminds me of a 4th Jean & I spent with some friends that had come up from Florida.  They had 2 boys that were about the same age as our grandson, Justin.  Well, after the barbecue, we had some ice-cold watermelon.  So, remembering what I did as a young lad, I taught the boys how to spit watermelon seeds.  It didn’t go over to well with the mothers but we had a ball spitting watermelon seeds off the balcony of the place where our friends were staying.  Not sure it ever produced a watermelon vine and I’m not sure they were ever able to rent from that place again, but the article brought back fond memories.  Hope you have a super holiday and just take a moment to remember the people that man the front lines to make sure we can continue being the longest running democratically elected country on earth.

Doug Alden

PS:  Always remember, investing in equity markets has risk and past performance is no indication of future performance.   

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