For a lot of people, March madness will be replaced by April panic.  That’s’ when the good old tax return is required to be filed.  Of course, there’s always the extension, but, the pain just gets delayed.  We always are concerned about not paying the correct amount owed to the federal or state, but, what if the IRS makes a mistake?  Hopefully, the article about “What to Do if the IRS Makes a Mistake” might help.

I do get a lot of questions about cryptocurrency and whether it’s a good investment.  I was educated and confirmed with the article, “What You Need to Know About Bitcoin” will help.  I’ve always had the idea that cryptocurrency was like a chain letter.  The first one in makes all the money while latecomers pay the price.  I like what the author said, “Only invest money you can lose and expect your investment to go to zero.

Finally, for those of us with bad backs, the article about stretching may help.  I’m currently taking a class called “Yoga for Bad Backs” and it does help.  I’ve missed a couple of weeks and can feel it.  I don’t know if there is a stretching clinic in the area, but it would be nice to find out.

Let’s hope spring has finally sprung and we can get to a very special part of our year.  Please, pause and smell the flowers along with whatever this next week brings.  Make it a great one!

Doug Alden

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