As I was researching and writing this week’s blog, there was just a ton of topics I could choose from.  Impeachment, an absolutely roaring stock market, the China and USMCA trade agreements and the disconnect between parts of congress with the American people.  But, when I saw the attached article, it brought warm, pleasant memories.

For the last 20 years or so, Jean and I have gone out west for a ski vacation.  When you’re skiing at elevations of somewhere between 6 & 10,000 feet, it can get pretty cold.  So, when we come in for a break after a few hours, at that particular moment in life, there is nothing more enjoyable than a cup of hot chocolate and a freshly made, warm chocolate chip cookie.  (If the truth be told, Jean would tell you Doug has a lot of those enjoyable moments whether he’s cold or not.)

I realize there is a ton of very important economic news that impacts all of us.  But just for this week, if the mood strikes, brew a pot of hot chocolate and make some warm chocolate chip cookies.  Invite friends and/or family over, and just kick back and enjoy the moment.  Life goes really fast and those special moments are fleeting.  And don’t forget to smell the cookies.

Next week we will be talking about the new retirement overhaul included in the spending package congress passed and the president will sign.  There are major changes that could lead to changes in estate plans.

In the meantime, enjoy this special season of the year.  Should you have any questions or wish to talk, please call our office or email me at the email shown below.  For your information, there are new podcasts on our web page.

Doug Alden

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