Will Rogers once said, “One of the safest times for the American public is when Congress is on vacation.” The thought being that if Congress was not is session, they couldn’t pass any laws that would do harm to the citizens of this great country. Well, Congress is in session, but they are to busy with the impeachment trial to pass any legislation right now.

Meanwhile, all 3 major US indexes are slightly positive for the year, unemployment continues to be in the 3.4-3.5% range and there are millions of job openings going unfilled. Canada, the last of the 3 countries in the treaty, seems likely to approve the USMCA trade agreement by the end of January. Brexit appears to be final, with even the queen giving her approval. And, President Trump is sounding very positive about a new trade deal with the European Union. While all this economic news is encouraging, some unknown future event or events could come along and change the outlook dramatically.

Because life is constantly changing, I have attached my latest whiteboard video, “Is estate planning only for the rich?”. Last week, while working with clients, we discovered that some changes needed to be made due to changing conditions. So, I thought you might enjoy this very short video. Should it ring any alarm bells, please, just call or email me so we can get together and make any adjustments that might be needed. My friend, Charlie Stoll, wrote a book titled “Your Beneficiary Check-up and DATA VAULT”. On the cover, he wrote, “80% of your wealth will ignore your will and follow its own path!”. Let’s make sure you’re not in that group.

As always, should you have any questions or just would like to schedule a time to meet, please call or email so we can schedule something.

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