The equity markets took a breather last week with all 3 equity indexes closing lower while the overall economy is showing surprising strength. Meanwhile with congress is in recess (that means they can’t spend our money), the question now is “Will there be another stimulus package?” The answer appears to be a strong positive suggesting something in July or August.

With more and more states expanding their reopening process here are 4 letters we all need to know.

1. V indicating a quick recession and a rapid recovery.

2. U indicating a while at the bottom of the recession and then a recovery

3. W indicating a bottom, recovery, another drop and then a recovery

4. L this one should be pretty obvious, a drop and a long-term recovery

The attached article lists 5 reasons why we might expect more money is on the way. I have no idea how big it will be or how it will be distributed but I just want to close with a number. Currently our national debt stands at $26 trillion dollars. That’s 26 followed by 12 zeros before the decimal point.

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