For a lot of people, March is about basketball and bracketology.  But, March madness is also about income taxes and getting that return filed.  For those still working, it could mean return of some of your money that the federal government has held interest-free throughout the year, commonly known as a tax-refund.  For others like me that pay estimated quarterlies and sum it all up and the end of the year, it usually means sending more of the money we earned to the state and federal governments.  Whatever situation you find yourself in, enjoy the article, “10 Tips on How to Survive Tax Season”.  And, don’t forget about the brackets.

We are really living in an amazing time.  The changes happening around us continue to boggle the mind.  I’m dating myself, but I remember the rotary phone and several homes in our neighborhood were on party lines.  I thought my dad saw tremendous changes in his lifetime but what we’re witnessing now is truly breathtaking.  It was a little over 10 years ago that Steve Jobs put together some mundane everyday items and called it the iPhone.  Now, technology has continuing to influence our economy by helping blue collar workers become much more effective and efficient.  “The Blue-Collar Workforce is Going Digital” lets us know just how far this digital reach can be.  For more information on our investment strategy and how technology has is being used to help our clients, please visit my web page,, click on Wealth Management window and look towards the bottom of the page for the BFlex Curve video.

This last Friday, we ate at the Bonefish restaurant so Jean could get some fish.  I was not in the mood for fish, so I ordered one of my favorites, their hamburger.  You end up paying a lot for a hamburger but, boy, is it worth it.  So, when I saw the article about the “50 Best Sandwiches We’ve Ever Made”, it was a no-brainer for me to include it in this week’s digest.  I can only hope to live long enough to enjoy them all.

Hope you all did a better job with the time change this last weekend than Jean & I did.  We were an hour late for church.  We looked at our watches instead of our phones.  See what I mean about technology?  Hope you have a super week.

Doug Alden

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