As I write this week’s email, Jean & I will be spending several days in Memphis celebrating a graduation from high school.  Our grandson Lucas will be heading to the next phase of his young life with high school behind him and college coming very soon this fall.  It’s events like this that make us all reflect on how fast life travels by.  For Lucas, he’s probably thinking pretty slow, for his parents, where did the time go.

Forgive me if this is brief.  Jean & I want to enjoy the moment.  The economy is still strong, employment up, the Federal Reserve is still holding interest rates and the trade wars continue.  I’m sure when we get back to it next week, I’ll have more to say.  But now, if you need something to take to the barbecue, I found the attached article that presents some interesting side dishes.

And, finally, if you find a veteran nearby, give her or him a hug and thank them for their service to our country.  They help keep us free so we can go to barbecues on Memorial Day!

Have a super week!

Doug Alden

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