Several years ago, there was a commercial from a financial institution that had a bunch of people running around carrying a bunch of numbers representing what looked like a huge amount of money. The ad focused on what might be needed for retirement and asked, “What’s your number?”

Financial professionals always ask similar questions when working with clients. “How much are you going to need in retirement?” “How much can you save every month?” “What kind of return do you need to meet your goals?” They never seem to take into consideration what might happen along the way that could have a serious effect on retirement plans. Jean & I just returned from our trip on the 14th, and since that time, (I’m writing this on the 17th) I’ve had conversations with 3 clients that have had very serious issues involving them and their families come up unexpectedly. Issues that will certainly affect their bottom lines.

The attached article does a good job of getting down to the nitty gritty about life, money and the reality of trying to build wealth. By the way, if you left 3 grapes on the table for 10 years, you’re going to have 3 spots on your table representing the end results of fruit and time. Money works the same way.

As we approach the holidays, I will be scheduling year end meetings and calls. Please let me know if you would like to be on the schedule for either. In the meantime, when you buy grapes, be sure and eat them fairly soon after purchase. Now, lets all go out and have a super week. And, don’t forget, as if we could, the election is just around the corner.

Doug Alden

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