Last week saw the “Peaceful” transfer of power and a new administration take over the Presidency of the United States as has been the tradition for more than 2 centuries. With the democrats now in charge of both branches of congress and the White House, naturally the questions arise about what happens going forward.

As far as the equity markets are concerned, you would think that stock market returns, as a result of democrats and their less business-friendly policies and tendencies to pursue increased regulation and taxes, that the bears might finally show up on Wall Street. Not so says Brian Sozzi, editor-at-large and anchor at Yahoo Finance. According to historical data, stocks tend to do very well in the early goings of a Democratic presidency. You might find his article, “How the stock market and economy performed under Democratic presidents”, an interesting read. Surprisingly, Democratic administrations outperform Republican administrations in both up markets and down markets.

I’m always concerned that a “Light at the end of a tunnel” might be an on-coming train but there is positive news concerning the pandemic. Reported cases and hospitalizations are finally moving in the right direction. I’ve said this a couple of times but, after many missteps, the United States finally gets it right. The attached article has the numbers, and we can only pray the new numbers and direction hold. I am really, really tired of wearing a face mask in church.

Finally, there is an article about password protection and tips on how to improve your cybersecurity. I have a subscription to “Last Pass” but, wouldn’t you know, I forgot the password. So now, I have to really work hard at getting in touch with this vender and start using it again.

Well, President Biden started his term of office with a slew of executive orders, as did President Trump, killing the Keystone pipeline among them. The United States is a center-right country. We will see how long this agenda will last with the election for the US House of Representatives and Senate only 2 years away. So, should you have any questions or wish to speak with me, please call or email so we can put something on the calendar.

Doug Alden

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