When the US economy was abruptly shut down shortly after the pandemic hit, there was a lot of talk about what might emerge. I said then that people would find a way to survive and be creative out of necessity. New businesses, a new work environment and new ways of doing old things would emerge and, if left alone by government, find a need and then create a business to fill that need.

The attached article offers some important statistics about what is happening in, what I call, the real world. Add to that the fact that more states are opening up and it looks like the US will survive and thrive. Yes, the equity markets are volatile and choppy, and the news is often telling us what is wrong. We will not get the employment numbers until the beginning of October, but I personally feel the US has turned a corner. Please remember that just prior to the outbreak, the United States had an A+++ economy.

There will be lots of ups and downs as we move toward the end of this year. But through it all, Americans just survive. I will continue to be available so, should you have any questions or just need to speak with me, don’t hesitate to call or email.

This week will be a tough one with a nomination and confirmation of another supreme court justice and the first presidential debate. If you can, try not to listen to the news and go out and make it a good week.

Doug Alden

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