A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Mrs. Kim Effler will be joining our firm and that has come about. Kim will be helping me with client administration and marketing. She brings so many skills to the table, especially in the social networking area and will be helping me with client meetings. I met Kim many years ago in the Old Fort branch of BB&T. I wanted to hire her on the spot but, as a single mother, she needed the benefits of a large corporation. When she got word that she was moving back to this area, I think I was her first phone call.

Kim’s experience in the legal field and banking have led her to what she believes is the perfect profession, financial coaching. Kim was a paralegal in West Virginia working with a well-known WV law firm.

I have thought for a super long time that the regulations which came about because of the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd/Frank banking legislation have resulted in a tremendous regulatory anchor around corporations’ neck. With the election of Donald Trump and the slow repeal of a lot of these regulations, what we’re seeing is an excitement in the business world resulting in GDP growth of 3%+ in the last 2 quarters. I’m not sure all of this is going to keep going but all signs are pointing up.

I thought the article about retirement and happiness was interesting because so many people have such high expectations about retirement. From a personal experience, I have found that “happiness” is fleeting but “contentment” last forever.

Finally, because of the season, “Pumpkin Cranberry Loaf Cake” sounded really really good. Now let’s all go out and make it a great week.

Doug Alden

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