Many years ago, my family and I watched a TV program titled “The $64,000 Question”.  Back then, that was big money.  It ended in scandal but has been replaced by many others.  So, the $64,000 question of retirement becomes “When?”.  When do we pull the trigger and move from an income producing person adding to retirement assets to a non-income producing person and become a consumer of retirement assets?  The attached article has some of the main points I make about that decision.  And, our process “The Liberated Investor Advantage™”, helps us take a very deep look into your personal economic engine.  With tools that are very visual, we can very easily see adjustments that can be made to help you protect, build and enjoy your wealth.  You can check it out on our web page,

One of the ways you can enjoy your wealth is to possibly involve yourself in a ministry like the one described in the article about helping people just see better.  You never see trips like that advertised in tour guides, but what a thrill that would be to take a trip and travel to an area where so many people just need a little thing like glasses to make their lives so much better.

One of my first college term papers I wrote was about communism and the theory of economics as written by Karl Marx.  Mr. Marx was no free market cheerleader.  So, when I saw the attached article about Karl Marx birthday (200), I just couldn’t pass it up.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Now, go out and enjoy the fact that, while you may not be able to purchase eye glasses as inexpensively as some other areas of the world, you can easily take care of bad eyesight.

Doug Alden

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