Jean & I have gone through life largely unaffected by a major tragedy like the one we have been seeing and reading about for this last week.  All our children made it through adolescence in one piece and our parents lived well into their senior years before passing on.  The closest we came to something like that was on September 11, 2001 when our son, Brad, was working at the pentagon.  So, when something happens like what happened in Florida this week, I have no ability to even imagine what the survivors are going through.  I can only hope & pray that those who are now grieving have someone and something they can cling to for support.  I tried to find an article that might just talk about this senseless act but everything I found got to the politics of the issue by the 3rd or 4th paragraph.  So, in my own small way, I feel for these people and hope for a future where there is help for someone that might consider doing something like this before rather than after he fact.

As far as equity markets are concerned, the Market Snapshot article does a nice job summarizing the week, with the major indices closing about 5% off their all-time highs.  And, right along with that, the article, “The Misconceptions About Investing Bubbles” was certainly informative about staying the course when it comes to equity investing.

Finally, there was a bright star among several bright stars at the winter Olympics in South Korea.  Mikaela Shiffrin, in her efforts during the women’s giant slalom race, didn’t hold back.  Let’s hope we all “don’t hold back” as we face the coming week.  Make it a great one!

Doug Alden

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