Last week was an interesting week for me in that, my wife Jean, escorted our granddaughter Jenna to New York city to interview with The King’s College where she has already been accepted.  So, I batched it for 4 days.  I had plenty of time to review my sources of information and the various news feeds I use.  I also had too much time to read and watch the news.

The noise was incredible as I listened and read how evil lurks behind every curtain and our country is falling apart.  So, when I came across the attached article about how the United States is the #1 giver nation in the world, I thought it would be an appropriate way to help start the new week off.  We can always point to what’s wrong (fill in the topic) but, sometimes it’s just refreshing to read about what’s right.  I hope you enjoy the article.

For something new, I have attached “The Liberated Investor Advantage™, my inaugural podcast.  I’ve started podcasting for several reasons.  Throughout the years, I’ve used several different strategies to get my message out.  With the changes in technologies, new methods are needed to break through all the noise.  I will be doing 2 a month going forward and will add them as they become available.  I hope you find them interesting and helpful.

And now for the economic news of last week.  All three major indices were down fractionally, the S&P 500 -0.4%, the Dow Jones average -0.95% and the NASDAQ -0.83%.  For the year all are showing positive gains.  Unemployment, wages and inflation remain steady, if not improving.  So, we stay the course, investing in large companies paying a good and rising dividend with stock buyback programs and solid management.  Add to that, the options overlay that can generate +/- 7% extra cash flow and we will continue to enjoy what historically has been market returns that consistently outperform inflation by a wide margin.  Please remember investing in equities has risk and past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

        Should you have any questions or wish to talk, please call our office or email me at the email shown below.  In the meantime, I hope you have a great week!

Doug Alden

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PS:  Always remember, investing in equity markets has risk and past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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