I was in Florida all of last week, once again missing some of the spring color displays coming from the landscaping Jean has done at our home.  More on my visit later.  Since it is spring, the article about cleaning up your finances was timely.  We try to stay as current as possible but if any of the suggestions hits with you, please call us and we can update files.

The great recession certainly did teach all of us the reality of investing in equity markets.  I lost several clients during the drop, most selling out at the bottom, never to return to equity investing.  That time was also the motivation for us to look to alternatives.  The results is an investing strategy that, while not guaranteed, will keep our investors fully invested because the accounts have common financial vehicles that provide upside potential to recover most, if not all the losses.

I added the article about volcanos just to remind all of us concerning the power of mother nature.  It just leaves us in awe sometimes when we see what is happening in Hawaii.  As a matter of fact, this is exactly how these islands were formed in the first place.

Finally, this will be the last digest in it’s present format.  There are much more efficient ways to communicate and, as we move forward, we will be incorporating these new method in ways that were not even possible a few years ago.  I’m excited about some of the ideas we are exploring so please stay tuned.

As I am writing this on Mothers Day, I hope it was a super day for you mothers.  I’m told that it is the busiust day of the year tor resturants.  Now, lets all go out and make it a super week.

Doug Alden

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