Yogi Berra used to say, “It aint till it’s over”.  Or, there is a reason they call Missouri the “Show me state”.  Tax reform could be on its way.  The capital hill headcounters have determined they have the votes so next week could be when this gets done.  Personally, I think there is a lot to like and there is a lot to not like.  More on this later.  The article about “Tax Reform for Growth” is a sensible explanation of what might come to pass.  Regardless of what happens, please remember the trading strategy we are using for our equity clients is designed to over-preform rising markets by about 7%+/- while under-performing declining markets.  And, while it’s not guaranteed, should the markets crash fast and suddenly, this strategy is designed to recover most, if not all, the losses.

Last week we had an article about the 401(k) and IRA not being enough.  This week, I have included an article about income.  Unless you’re Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, you most likely have a limited amount of resources.  The question in retirement becomes, “How can I get more income from all of my assets, not just the traditional ones?”  I mentioned how we use the PS&G model to help us see what other people see and find what other people don’t find.  If you would like more information on that, simply send me an email (doug@theliberatedinvestor.com) and we will get in contact with you.

When I was in Florida working on passing exams for some of my licensing needs, one was particularly difficult.  I came across a book written by Jerry Lucas and Harry Lorayne called the “Memory Book”.  One of the techniques helped me memorize all the different coverages a typical business in Florida might need.  I think there were more than 22.  So, I thought the article about boosting memory might be interesting, especially if you have a hard time remembering names of people you meet.

I will be taking some time off, so my next weekly digest will not be until the new year.  We made tremendous progress in 2017 and look to do the same next year.  Lets all make it a great one!

Doug Alden

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