Awhile back, Tom Cruise starred in a movie called “The Minority Report”. In that movie he played a thought policeman wherein, if someone even thought about doing a crime, they were captured and brought to justice. In one scene, Cruse was walking down a sidewalk and all around him, different advertisements flashing and posters changed as he walked by. I already see that in my use of web sites. After visiting a web page to consider a purchase, I suddenly begin seeing that website’s homepage appears as I view other websites that I frequently visit.

As I prepared for this week’s digest, I read an article about the advent of the new superfast new generation of mobile technology called 5G. The essence of 5G is that, when it comes, the world will change in ways we can’t even imagine. Just think. The iPhone is only about 11 years old and take the changes that technology brought to us and put it on steroids. And then I found the attached article about the growing crisis of Social Security scams. I write about this just to alert you to be extremely careful about how we all use technology and our identity. The crooks are out there and better equipped than ever.

Last week brought us the Super Bowl and the end to the football season. (My wife says thank you.) It also brought a week of mixed returns in the equity markets. While 2019 has been positive so far, just remember, life does not travel in a straight line. Neither do equities. That is why I keep repeating what our portfolio managers are doing that is a totally unique and a one of a kind investment strategy. One factor is a built-in strategy for a yearly cash flow, in addition to dividends, interest and market returns. In a rising market, the portfolio values tend to go up more than just the market returns. Another ingredient included is that, in the event of a sudden and dramatic drop like 9/11, the portfolios are designed to recover most, if not all, the losses. The only drawback is that, if the markets trend down, these portfolios will underperform market returns as we saw in the 4th quarter of 2018. (There is no free lunch) And, please always remember there are no guarantees when it comes to investing in the equity markets and investing does have risks.

As always, should you like to talk or meet with me, please call or email and we will schedule something. Don’t know what this week may bring but I hope we all have a great one.

Doug Alden

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