Another election is over, maybe. There are still some Senate races still to-close-to call, so the dust hasn’t totally settled on the 2018 midterm elections. One thing we do know is that the Democrats will now control the House of Representatives and the Republicans still control the Senate. I’m not a fortune teller and I won’t try to be one. But indications point to more chaos between the two main political parties, President Trump will continue to tweet, and the Senate has a little more leeway to approve judges appointed to the federal courts.

The attached article lays out a pretty good explanation of what investors might expect. Personally, I would expect more market volatility which always seems to give every investor a Maalox moment or two. We love it when the market sees nothing but green numbers but get very nervous when the red ones show up. But market volatility is where market returns come from. By the way our portfolios are structured, when the green numbers do show up, our portfolios do even better. And, while it’s not guaranteed, if/when a 9/11 type market crash happens, the portfolios are structured to recover most, if not all the losses.

So, once all the results of this election are finally in, it will be on to 2019. Unfortunately, that’s when the next election starts. If you would like to talk about your estate plan or other issues that may have come up since we last met, please call or email me so we can get something on the calendar.

Have a super week!

Doug Alden

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