Our daughter Laura is dealing with some serious medical issues that resulted from an automobile accident where she was rear ended.  She’s already had one surgery and is facing more.  After a scheduled doctors visit, Jean & I were trying to call and see how it went.  When we finally got ahold of her, she said she couldn’t talk long.  When asked why, she said she was talking to us by using her watch.  Now, I grew up in the era of Dick Tracy comics.  Those of us that remember, saw pictures of Dick Tracy communicating through his phone and just chuckled.  Never happen!

I’ve attached 2 articles, one about the last 50 years, the other about what might be coming.  We are living in a fast-changing world.  By the time I learn how to use my new cell phone, we are on to the next version.  Smart homes, smart cars, you name the category and technology will invade it and make it better.  How does one plan for the future that is coming at us.  On my web page, there is a short video about financial planning called “Sane, Sound & Simple” that might help lift some of the confusion from the multitude of sources that are available.  You might want to take a look. https://theliberatedinvestor.com/sane-sound-simple/

Stocks were down for the week in the -1+%, but the indexes are positive for the month of July.  Earnings reports for the 2nd quarter will tell us more about the direction of the economy.   I know I sound like a broken record, but my investment philosophy is to remain invested using portfolios of established companies that pay nice dividends, along with portions of the portfolio diversified into small companies, international companies and bonds.

In the near future, I will begin using some of the technology available so that our message is communicated more effectively and efficiently.  Look for more info to come.  In the meantime, have a super week!

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Doug Alden

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