I normally built this weekly email on the Saturday before it goes out on the following Monday. I try not to get started until all the news of the week has happened. So, Friday night Jean & I were watching a movie and, after it ended, we went to one of our regular channels and saw that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died. Justice Ginsburg, a supreme court justice who was 87 suffered through several bouts of cancer and finally succumbed to the disease.

Before her body had even assumed room temperature, the talking heads were pontificating about the effects this would have on the upcoming Presidential election and whether President Trump would name a successor and attempt to get he/she confirmed before November 3rd.

So when I saw the attached article I thought, if only we could at least have some quiet time before Monday morning to reflect on her life and our own lives, it would just give us a breather before we all get caught up in the noise and politics of the environment we find ourselves living through.

The economics of last week were OK. Equities to bounced around, the rioting continues and the search for answers to the Coronavirus swirl. There was good news about treatments and a vaccine and jobs reports were neither great nor bad. As I’ve said many times equities have, over time, produced returns that outpace inflation by a wide margin. Please note that, should you have any questions or just need to speak with me, don’t hesitate to call or email.

I hope you all have a super week. I’m sure going to give it my best shot.

Doug Alden

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