All the news this week was about the ongoing trade negotiations between China and the US.  In my opinion, equity markets had priced in a successful conclusion.  So, when the negotiating stalled, prices were off for the week on all the major indices.  Not sure where they go from here as the United States is asking for some major structural changes to Chinese law.  Hard liners in China could be the stumbling block to a successful conclusion but don’t look for an early solution.  There is no doubt China needs our markets while our exports to China are relatively small compared to our overall GDP.

All the while, the US economy keeps clicking with a higher than expected 1st quarter GDP of 3.2% annualized and unemployment continues to be the lowest in decades.  The attached article should help explain this.

As we approach summer, people are firing up their grills, yours truly included.  Sometimes, a quick receipt to go along with the main course is needed.  I thought the attached article; “Fresh Berry & Herb Salad” would be a nice compliment to your dinner off the grill.

With the equity markets gaining Friday, once again, the world didn’t come to an end based on the news of the week.  Not sure what exactly will happen next week, but I hope we all enjoy the journey.

Have a super week!

Doug Alden

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