If you had a way to know, veritably, that your money was working as hard as it possibly can, that you were saving as much money as possible, and that you were losing as little money as possible to financial costs and waste, how could you do any better? Would it matter what your goals were?

Welcome back to our weekly emails.  I took some time off just to see what sort of value these emails were having.  And, I have heard from some of you that you enjoyed the weekly contact.

I hope you like the attached article about goals vs good habits.  I always have trouble setting goals, but I have no problem working, saving and enjoying what wealth Jean & I have been able to build.  At the end of every year, I’m always sort of amazed at how far up the river we were able to go.  I feel that, if I had set goals and then hit them, would I stop whether it was July or September missing out on how much farther we could have gotten?

I’m in the process of updating our web page,www.theliberatedinvestor.com but you can still visit the current page where this newsletter and other interesting articles can be found.  Of course, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, either by email, doug@theliberatedinvestor.com or our office phone, 828.668.0665.

Now, go out and make it a great week.

Doug Alden

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