With just 2 trading days remaining in this year, 2019 will become history and the decade of the 2020s will be upon us.  New doors will be opened, new issues will need to be dealt with and greater challenges will be upon us.  The technology revolution will continue bringing changes we can’t even imagine.  One of those challenges will be the constant struggle to protect, build and enjoy our wealth with the intent of leaving a meaningful legacy.

The transition from a company sponsored pension (a defined benefit plan) to the very popular 401(k) type retirement plan (a money purchase plan), means the employee is more directly involved with his or her retirement planning.  One of the very popular techniques has been utilizing what is called the “Stretch IRA’.  I have several second-generation clients utilizing this strategy.  The attached article does a good job of explaining the SECURE act and how this works, so I hope you read the article.  Primarily, it allows tax deferred growth over a long period of time to certain beneficiaries of IRAs.  This act affects all IRA participants reaching the age of having to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).

I have also attached a whiteboard video that really describes the competition for our money.  Financial institutions, the government and corporations are competing for our wealth, meaning we are seriously outgunned.  I do hope you take the time to watch this video.  It does take a few minutes but, in very graphic form, it illustrates the battle we all face.  “The Liberated Investor Advantage™”, the process I use, utilizes the principles illustrated in the presentation.

I will be focusing on these issues and more going forward.  But, in the meantime, should you have any questions or just would like to schedule a time to meet, just call or email so we can schedule something.  Also, I have on my web page, www.theliberatedinvestor.com, several podcasts and other short whiteboard videos that cover these topics.

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