Last week ended with what looks like a stalemate between the US Senate and the House of Representatives concerning the next round of stimulus money the government is going to print. I guess it’s difficult to spend $900,000,000,000 when you’ve already spent several trillion with some of the money still not used. Because of the stalemate, a bill didn’t pass and, as a result, the US stocks ended the week on a down note.

The week also ended with the indication that a Coronavirus vaccine could start as early as Monday. The attached article, “US Stocks Slip on Stimulus Worries”, gives a good breakdown on how the week went and some possible bright spots.

I have also included an article about creating a financially organized life. It contains an exhaustive list of the different areas of finance. We may not be involved with all these areas but the ones that each of us are involved with should help us at least get started. Half the battle of staying organized is understanding what areas are pertinent to you and the second half is making sure these documents are available to whomever may need them at a time that may not be convenient. I think one of the key items in the article is making an advisor list. I have found that there are times when the advice coming from one area of that list is not coordinated with the ultimate life planning goals we may have. The planning process I use, “The Liberated Investor Advantage”™ works to coordinate all the advisors toward the client’s ultimate wellbeing and their personal lifetime goals.

As we head into the holiday season, there appears to be hope on the horizon that we may be heading to a more normal life in 2021. The economic forecasters seem to think so with predictions of the S&P500 increasing between 8-10%. There’s also hope that by the summer, the Coronavirus vaccine may be widely distributed, and we will be able to head toward a more regular way of living. So stay safe and, as always, should you have any questions or wish to speak with me, please call or email so we can put something on the calendar.

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