Jean & I were finally able to go out for dinner last Friday evening and we were able to go to one of our favorite restaurants. When we arrived, the hostess told us we could sit at any table with a flower on it, about half of the tables. So, as we come out of these scary times, is this the new normal?

Since the early 70s, I have been an avid fan of technology and its potential. The reason I attached the article, “Looking Ahead” is twofold. First the headline is a little bit of a play on words and, 2) try to imagine someone who’s blind having bionic eyes implanted. Add to that, private industry along with NASA will attempt to launch from the United States the first US astronauts in almost 10 years using US made hardware and technology.

So, what’s the new normal going to look like? The second article, “How the Post Pandemic Workplace Will Operate”, is a survey of decision makers throughout industry that summarizes different areas of the work environment. The results are interesting in that two areas jump out. First, spending on technology will increase and work from home is here to stay.

As far as the equity markets are concerned, last week was a positive week with all major indexes posting healthy gains. Remember, investors are forward looking at what might happen 6 months to a year down the road. I am no predictor of the future but, with governments and the private sector working along with a deluge of money from the Federal Reserve, solutions to the Covid-19 crisis and the obstacles moving forward will be dealt with. Whether it’s a vaccine or treatment, solutions will be forthcoming.

I hope you had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend remembering why our free markets are still free. As Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is only one generation away from being lost”. With governments at all levels pushing the limits on our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we must remain vigilant. By giving up some of our freedoms for perceived security, we could lose our freedom to choose.

As always, should you have any questions or wish to talk, please don’t hesitate to email, or call me. Now, let’s all go out make each day better than the last one.

Doug Alden

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