When we get through this…

For the last 2 months our lives have been turned inside out and upside down. And now, for those of us living in North Carolina, we face a few more MONTHS of at least partial isolation based on recommendations Gov. Roy Cooper made at a Thursday, April 23rd news conference. His stay-at-home order, imposed March 27, has been extended to May 8th. So, while there are a few bright spots and I am cautiously optimistic, we may want to be thinking about what life might look like when we do come out of this.

The first article talks about some winners and losers going forward. The interesting point of the article discusses the new opportunities and challenges presenting themselves over the coming months and years. The second article outlines 10 examples of how robots are helping to fight COVID and help move people out of high-risk situations.

If we can learn anything from history, it’s that major disruptions cause major changes in how life moves on. New industries emerge, old industries follow the path of the horse drawn wagon manufacturers. The important thing to remember is that we still have an economy. We will get through this.

The equity markets had an up and down week, a new stimulus bill has passed resupplying the Payroll Protection Plan to help small businesses and Congress is still playing politics with a pandemic. Some things never change. As always, should you have any questions or just wish to talk, just email or call so we can schedule something.

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