The money faucets just keep spouting out money. Congress passed and President Biden signed into law the latest efforts to redistribute our national wealth. And I hear rumors of another $3.5 Trillion coming disguised as an infrastructure plan. I hope we make it to 2022 and the next election.

I’ve attached an article that sums up what happened last week in the equity markets.

Last Friday was a very sad day for me in that I received a call from the phone number of a very close, long-time dear, personal friend who is also a client. Two weeks ago, Jean & I had lunch with Fred and his wife while we were in Florida. Unfortunately, the voice on the phone was not the voice of my friend but his grandson informing me that Fred had died suddenly during the Thursday/Friday night of last week. I’m adding this to the weekly email pointing out that my friend’s estate was well planned in all the right places. His lifetime of living and working will continue to have an impact for his wife, children, and grandchildren for as many as 3-4 generations down. Jean & I are headed back to Florida to celebrate his life and help his wife and children settle the estate.

I’ve added a white paper that dovetails into what I do. Hopefully, it can help you get started. But, if you do need help, or should you have any questions or wish to speak and/or meet with me, just call or email so we can put something on the calendar.

Remember, the only choice is optimism, the pessimists never get it right.

Doug Alden

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