Will we or won’t we?  As we head down the home stretch of 2017, will this congress be able to pass a tax overhaul?  I stopped being a betting man when I started having a family but it I were, my bet would be no, we won’t get it by the end of this year.  I hope I’m wrong.  Our current tax code reflects all the years of special interest and lobbying groups pet projects.  It’s patched together in such a way that you could present identical circumstances of one family to 20 CPAs and you’d probably get 20 different bottom-line answers.  From what I’m seeing and reading now, if it does happen, and this is just my opinion, it really won’t be a major reform.

Last year’s presidential election spoke loudly for change at the federal level.  The equities markets have reflected an optimism that the heavy hand of government would be lifted along with major tax reforms of the internal revenue code would become law.  If not, I’m not sure what this means for equities but always please remember the trading strategy we are using for our equity clients is designed to over-preform rising markets by about 7%+/- while under-performing declining markets.  And, while it’s not guaranteed, should the markets crash fast and suddenly, this strategy is designed to recover most, if not all, the losses.

Now on to some lighter issues.  Knowing what you need for your retirement income is very difficult to determine.  I’ve said for a long time that the 1st decade of retirement is enjoyable.  You have your health and freedom from the grind and can pull it off.  The 2nd decade you start to slow down and the 3rd decade can be spent in the doctor’s office.  What is needed is a way to make all your assets as effective and efficient as possible.  Our planning strategy, “The Liberated Investor Advantage” ™, helps make that possible.

Finally, I think all of us have things we really want to do.  While the trip might kill me, I really would like to go to Antarctica.  Hope you enjoy the article, if for nothing else that just being able to imagine what it would be like there if you ever did get to go.

We’re heading full steam to the holidays.  Let us all make sure we slow down enough to really appreciate them.  Have a great week.

Doug Alden

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