Our new assistant, Kim Effler, is slowly dragging me into the digital world and the new 21st century.  I’m real pleased to announce that we have totally rebuilt our web page www.theliberatedinvestor.com, and it is now live.  Please take a look.  There are some great videos under the Wealth Management page as well as the Financial Planning page.  And, if nothing else, please watch the video “Every Move Matters”.  And, to make my digital world more challenging, we also have a new Facebook page called Liberated Investor Advisors.

Time is getting short.  The House has passed their version of a tax overhaul and now we wait for the Senate.  “Will we or won’t we” is still the question of the day.  My first article this week gives us an outline of what the House of Representatives thinks we should be doing so now we wait.  However, always please remember the trading strategy we are using for our equity clients is designed to over-preform rising markets by about 7%+/- while under-performing declining markets.  And, while it’s not guaranteed, should the markets crash fast and suddenly, this strategy is designed to recover most, if not all, the losses.

I thought the goldilocks article really sums up what we’re all thinking.  For some of us the economy is good, for others, not so good.  I did read an interesting article on how President Trump and his cabinet are doing a super job of reducing the bureaucratic world we find ourselves living in.

If I asked 10 people randomly walking down the street if they experience back pain 8 of them would most likely say yes, me being one of them.  Hopefully, this article might give those of us falling into this category something to work with.

Finally, this is Thanksgiving week.  Many of us are blessed beyond the imagination of most of those living around the world.  For Jean & me, this week will be very quiet as our family is spread out and have other plans.  Regardless, please go out and make this week matter.

Doug Alden

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