After an absolutely horrible 4qtr2018, equity markets have gone on a rampage, with all the indices showing a year to date of positive growth.  The   Dow Jones a + 15%, the S&P500 a + 19% and the Nasdaq +21% year to date are all in the very good upside.  So. “Let the good times roll” as they said back in the 1920s.  But we all know there’s going to be some potholes on the road ahead.

As we all have experienced, life doesn’t travel in a straight line.  So, when the next pothole comes along, it’s how we react and what we do that will have a great impact on the end results, that being, enjoying our wealth and leaving a legacy.

Some people say the super bowl is won by offense; others say defense.  I say you need both plus special teams.  So, how do you design a financial plan that will help you protect, build, enjoy your wealth, plus the opportunity to leave a legacy?  First, you need a model where you can see all your money decisions together on 1 page.  You also need rules to follow and you need a macro manager who can help you see all the moving parts and help you identify the pitfalls along the way.

Should you like to learn more on how to protect, build and enjoy your wealth while leaving a legacy please call or email me and I will be glad to meet with you, whether in person or using the internet.  In the meantime, have a great week and, maybe, help someone have a better day.

Doug Alden

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