This last week seemed to be a good news/bad news week. First, there was a lot of optimism about the possibility of a vaccine for the Coronavirus becoming available by the end of this year. While there are many companies working on this vaccine, a few have asked for permission from the Food & Drug Administration to begin vaccinating those on the front line of this battle along with the most vulnerable along with a promise of more to come early next year. The attached article, “Answers to your vaccine questions” should clear up some of the many questions surrounding the plague and what we have been living through for the last 10+ months.

The bad news of the week was that, as cases of the Coronavirus mount, we could be facing more shutdowns. With the job numbers for November lower that expected indicating a slow down in the re-hiring of those who lost jobs due to this virus and the shutdowns that followed, we could be headed for a slowdown in the recovery. When all of this started, I wrote about all the different letters we would need to become familiar with. Currently we are in what is called a V shaped recovery. Will that continue?

Whatever happens in the economy, the equity markets seem to be looking forward to 2021 and beyond. Several leading analysists revised their forecast upward for next year. Last week was a good week for the US equities as they were all positive for the week, some setting new highs. The “Wall Street Breakfast” article has a good summary, so I hope you get a chance to read through it.

Finally, I received a call from a client last Friday afternoon telling me that the client had been hacked. We do so much on-line now that without at least taking some precautions, we are extremely vulnerable and at the mercy of people that are equipped with tools much more powerful that what we may have available. I have attached a brief article about some steps you can take to protect yourself there. And, there is a great book “Hack-Proof Your Life Now” that’s available on Amazon for less than $8 that would be extremely helpful.

Jean & I hope you all had a meaningful Thanksgiving and, as we move toward the end of the year, try to stay safe but take the time to appreciate all that we are blessed with. And, as always, should you have any questions or wish to speak with me, please call or email so we can put something on the calendar.

Doug Alden

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