Last month I had some minor surgery on my back to fix an issue that has been bothering me for many years.  (Editor’s note: “Minor” surgery depends on which end of the scalpel you’re facing.)  Just last week, I began to receive the invoices for this “minor” surgery and the numbers, I thought, were staggering.  Survey after survey reports that one of the biggest concerns for Americans of all ages is the cost of health insurance, especially after retirement.

It seems that the only news you hear these days is how bad things are.  So, when I came across the attached article about President Trump and the affect his administration has had on improving our health care system, it surprised me.  The article is worth reading, even if healthcare is not an important issue for you.  Miracles do happen, even in Washington.

Last week, I finished the 2nd taping of what I’m calling “The Liberated Investor Advantage”, a twice monthly podcast I will be introducing very shortly.  If your email in-box is anything like mine, most of the stuff I get doesn’t even get opened, let alone read.  I will have more information as we get closer to having it available.  In the meantime, should you have any questions or wish to meet with me, please call the office or send me an email.  (I do read client email) Now, let’s all go out and try to make someone’s day a little nicer.

Have a super week!

Link to article…

Doug Alden

PS:  Always remember, investing in equity markets has risk and past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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